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Farm Gate Market

About Farm Gate Market

Farm Gate Market started with a clear and honest philosophy: if it’s not something you can eat, drink, grow, or meet the producer, then you won’t find it at the market. This simple ethos has been the foundation of the market since its inception in 2009. What started with just a dozen producers has become an essential part of the Sunday routine for locals and a top-five farmers’ market in the country. The market has not only stood the test of time but has thrived due to its commitment to quality and transparency. For those looking for a sincere and wholesome shopping experience, Farmy is just the place.

Tasmania is a hidden gem that offers visitors an abundance of fresh produce that is simply unmatched. The state’s unique growing seasons provide an ever-changing array of fruits and vegetables, exactly what the Farm Gate Market celebrates every Sunday. The market is dedicated to showcasing what’s in season locally, reflected in the fresh produce stalls, artisan foods, and street food vendors’ menus. You can’t beat this market for an authentic Tasmanian experience – so make sure to clear your schedule on Sunday! See you there!

Farm Gate Market

What to do at Farm Gate Market

As you walk through the lively crowds of the Farm Gate Market, the vibrant colours of the freshly harvested produce immediately catch your eye. The bountiful display of fruits and vegetables is a true testament to the changing seasons and the bounty that Mother Earth provides. Each Sunday, local farmers and producers gather to showcase their latest and most innovative offerings. From bright and juicy berries to crisp and crunchy root vegetables, you will find an ever-changing selection of delicious treats to delight your senses. It’s a celebration of nature’s wonders and a wonderful reminder of the delicious and nutritious benefits of eating with the seasons.

Nestled in the heart of Farmy, a groovy alcove holds the key to a culinary adventure. The Grub Hub is a must-see destination every Sunday in Hobart, an exciting street food market full of hustle and bustle. Here you’ll find ten different food vendors providing a range of international cuisines with a unique local twist. From breakfast burgers to cheeky brunches to lazy lunches, this place has it all. The locally roasted coffee served here by talented baristas is the perfect pick-me-up to start your day. But what sets the Grub Hub apart is its focus on sustainability. Each dish is not only designed to be devoured immediately and eaten without utensils but also packaged perfectly in 100% compostable materials. The Grub Hub truly has something for everyone and never fails to disappoint.

Farm Gate Market

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