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Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

About Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

Nestled against the towering peak of Mount Wellington lies an understated yet captivating site that shares a piece of Australian history often missed. The Cascades Female Factory, recognized by UNESCO for its cultural significance, offers a glimpse into the often-overlooked tales of the women sent to Tasmania as convicts. This site is a must-visit for anyone looking to better understand the less-frequented aspects of Australia’s past. Conveniently located near the lively Hobart waterfront, the factory is easily accessible for those looking to expand their knowledge of the country’s rich and complex history.

The Cascades Female Factory is a haunting reminder of a dark chapter in Australian history. This self-contained facility was designed to reform female convicts, who were forced to work tirelessly doing laundry and needlework. Though it was intended to offset the Colony’s penal costs, the harsh reality was that thousands of women and children were trapped in this institution – many never leaving its walls. The very existence of this factory is a testament to the cruel treatment that these women faced, reminding us of the need for ongoing efforts to ensure human rights and dignity for all.

Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

What to do at Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

Take a step back in time and delve deep into the history of female convicts with the Convict Women’s Tour. This guided tour is a comprehensive journey through the Site, offering insight into the daily lives of women who were incarcerated here. With a duration of approximately 45 minutes, visitors will be transported back to a time when the cells were filled with despair and desperation. The first tour starts bright and early at 10 am and runs every hour on the hour until 3 pm. Don’t worry about missing out on the experience if you arrive at midday – tours are only paused at noon to allow visitors to grab a bite to eat. Join us on an unforgettable trip through history with the Convict Women’s Tour.

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Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

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